Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lucy, I'm Home...

Lucy is just about dry. I love the simplicity of this pattern. It's easy to knit and makes a really cool bag. Here's the post felting picture with Matt to give an idea on shrinkage:

The yarn did loose some of it's beauty felting it. The colors were scrumptious and they're much more subtle now. The bag is also very hairy (I blame the llama content). However, these are minor problems and I'm very happy with it.

So what did I start yesterday? Well, beleive it or not, nothing. I did work on a projected started last summer: An Afternoon Stroll:
This pattern is from a Leisure Arts pamplet and I'm willing to bet it's a republish of a Paton's pattern. It's a cute little summer lacy cardigan. I'm using Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere. It's an "okay" yarn. It's nice to knit with, but I would expect it to be a bit softer. We'll see how it feels when the sweater is done. At this point, I don't really see the advantage of the cashmere content, I guess.

So the bottom border is done and I've started the eyelet pattern for the back.

I'm off today to hit a couple of yarn stores with Ann and Rosie. I must remember to bring my camera, as Rosie finished her Koigu Oriental Jacket last night (or was it this morning Rosie?).

Happy Knitting!!


  1. Wow I love how the Lucy bag came out - the colors are muted but the striping looks great. I can't wait to see pics of Rosie's jacket - wish I was with you guys today. :(

  2. Cindy, I like that lacy pattern! Can't wait to see your cardi finished (you're such a fast knitter!!).

  3. Your bag turned out great, Cindy! Not only do I *need* to make a Lucy bag but now I *must* watch an episode of I Love Lucy tonight (perfect post title!)...

  4. Cindy, I love it..The colors a just beautiful! again, you amaze me.


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