Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thanks so much!!!!!!

Thank you to all those that left me such lovely comments and emails! I always feel a little werid with all the complements about a lovely sweater. All I did was knit it, the real genius comes from the designer. Both sweaters are lovely designs from talented designers. So my thanks go to them. I love them both and thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment.

Here's some questions from comments:

Jennifer asked me what size I made.

Since I had to adjust for gauge, I ended up making it 44". This is not one of the sizes listed on the pattern, but since I "FLAK'd" it, I was able to adjust to to my size.

Carissa asked if this means I get to buy more yarn.

Why yes, yes it does... As a matter of fact I'm going yarn shopping tomorrow, Friday and Saturday with some of the ladies from our SnB group. I tried to find someone to go with me on Tuesday and Thursday, but no takers...

I think we can call my weight loss program a "high fiber diet". As I cut back on food and increase my exercise, I need to find a way to compensate... so I've been buying yarn. Instead of eating from boredom... I've been buying yarn.

It also allows me to concentrate on more knitting:

The pre-felted Lucy Bag (and thanks to Matt for being a sport and holding it up... oh and just as a size reference: Matt's a little over 5' 4"). I'll felt it up today. I didn't swatch this project, so I have absolutely no idea on how it's going to felt.

I'm still is a "spring/summer" knitting mode. I had thought I would get back to my FLAK when I finished up the Spring Forward, but the idea of a wool sweater just doesn't seem optimistic enough for me. I want summer, so if I work on summery projects, summer will come more quickly, right?

I'll keep ya posted what the next big project will be... I'm always open to suggestions, too!

Thanks again for all the lovely comments!


  1. Ooo, the suspense of a pre-felted item...can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. That is some humongous pre-felted bag! Showing it with Matt really gives us a sense of perspective.


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