Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Short attention span knitting

So I'm trudging along and the right front is almost done on the Entrelac Tuxedo Vest. Even tho' I had planned on letting the colors develop naturally, I did end up with a stacked row of the same color. Right near the end. I decided that it was worth changing so I ripped it back. Only about 3 more entrelac rows to go, then I'll add the missing side panels, then knit the back... oh that'll be fun for me. Stockinette stitch in black. Yum.

I've decided that this project was great for my short attention span. As I didn't know what to expect. Noro's yarns are really hard to decipher in the skein, and the short little entrelac squares move quickly, so it kept my interest. Let's hope that I can trudge thru all that black st. st. on the back fairly quickly.

Questions from my comments:

Joan asked:
How in the world did you knit the front of the entrelac vest so fast or for that matter, how do you knit anything as fast as you do?! Do you sleep at all?

Well, I do sleep. I'm actually an early to bed kinda gal (bedtime at Knitting Park is about 10:00 pm). However there are a lot of things that other people do that I don't. Work for one. Clean for an other. Housekeeping is at the bare minimum here at Knitting Park. The vacuum gets run sporatically. I'm pretty consistant with laundry (as that hardly cuts into my knitting time) and I cook fast and easy meals (Rachel Ray has got nothing on me...). I don't consider myself to be a super fast knitter, but I do spend a lot of time knitting. Apart from meals, an hour workout a day and the occasional knitting break (to play video games), I really do spend most of my time knitting. I will confess that I've seen a speed increase over the last year or so, but I also think that's from my new found focus. I'm now spending more time on the same projects and not jumping around as much as I used to.

Speaking of laundry... today's laundry day. I'll get the right front done on the Entrelac Vest and maybe do the side panels. Since I messed that up (reading directions really isn't my forte') I'll have to come up with something clever to make it look delibrate.

In other knitting news, I'm going to tackle my first "from scratch" sweater design. Matt wants a simple ribbed pullover. I have an idea of exactly what to do, so I'll have to do my own. I'll post my thoughts and progress as I go. Finished size will be about 40" if anyone wants to follow along.

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  1. MarilynB10:12 AM

    My favorite knitting exchange between two knitters at Camp one year went like this.
    Knitter 1: HOW do you get so many sweaters knit in one year and keep up with your housework?
    Knitter 2: Oh, I just clean house twice a year, whether it needs it or not.Said with a great big smile.


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