Thursday, March 09, 2006

Last Day Without Pics!

My computer is coming back today. It was actually here yesterday, but I wasn't home when they tried to deliver it (if I had known they had shipped it, I wouldn't have gone for grocercies!).

Garnet is getting close. One sleeve done and the second started. I did get a little flesh colored camisole yesterday while out shopping, so I don't think I'll bother with doing anything about the lace. I'll be fine with it as is.

I haven't worked on Obsession Spring Forward in a couple of days, as I'm getting close to finishing up Garnet. Both projects are on the downhill side approaching finishing. It makes me dream of "what's next". I have so many projects started, purchased and dreaming about that I struggle getting focused. I am finding that I'm concentrating more on just 2 projects at a time, usually different styles. The Obsession Spring Forward is heavily cabled and requires me to pay attention to what I'm doing. Garnet is a simple knit, even with the lace panel on the front. So I'll probably work on a heavily cabled project next and add a simpler project to switch between. Just need to decide the "what" part of it...

Happy Knitting!

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