Friday, March 10, 2006

Woo-Hoo Pictures!!!!

Garnet is at the finishing stage. Here's the body with the shoulder seams attatched (3 needle bind off for those that are interested). The sleeves are knit, but I still have the cuff to put on them. Then the neck ribbing, some seaming and some weaving. A nice little summer top ready to go. A great knit to say the least. And look... lace!!!!

Sadly, since I'm so close to finishing Garnet, I've put Obsession Spring Forward aside for the time being. Not for long, as I really want this one done too. So I can wear it!

As I blogged the other day, I'm not sure if that's the full length of it or not. I'll work the fronts to the same length and hope that I can add an other 2-3". If not, it's no big deal. It's a good length, but I was hoping for a smidgeon longer sweater.

It's an amazingly beautiful day out (hence the outside shots today). The sun is now up when we get up (yeah!!!!) and it's going to hit 70 today. So it's also supposed to rain, but right now it's just delightful.

In non-knitting news (which is rare in my life... unless it's a video game, of course), Matt's first race of the season is tomorrow. It's a time trial and his first season as a Cat 4 rider. The weird thing about this race? There's a stop sign in middle of it. The riders actually have to unclip and put a foot down in middle of a time trial. We're hoping for a decent finish... it's not the kind of race that Matt is going to excell at. No major climbs. He really struggled with TT last year, so with the new TT bike and the training this off season, we're just hoping for a high finish.

Have a super weekend and Happy Knitting!!


  1. Oh, now I can see why you HAD to knit Garnet. It's lovely! Where does Spring Forward hit relative to your waist? Glad your computer is happy again. --Sylvia

  2. I should have Garnet finished up tomorrow. I saw a shop model of it and just thought it was lovely, too!

    Right now Spring Forward is about 4" down from my waist. (plus I get to add an other 1.5" of ribbing to that) and it's going to end a little past mid-butt. Should be fine (at least Matt said so, and I trust him!!). I was hoping for full butt coverage...

  3. Absolutely beautiful knits as always!!! and a big GOOD LUCK to Matt!!!!

  4. Both Garnet and Spring Forward are really looking beautiful. I want to cast on for Spring Forward right now! Luckily for my sanity, the yarn isn't in yet. Must. Knit. FLAK. Faster.

  5. So Cool to see pictures! Garnet is wonderful! Of course Spring Forward is to die for. I hope mine looks as lovely in light green. I'll be thinking of Matt tomorrow and wishing him luck! Take care, Tori

  6. So nice to see your projects. Garnet is beautiful; I love Elsebeth Lavold patterns and I bet you will wear that a lot this summer. Good luck to Matt! That is funny about having to stop at a stop sign during a race. It must be hard to get the momentum going again.

  7. Your SF is just gorgeous! If I could get over my deep dislike for cotton yarns I'd be tempted. ;-)

  8. Your sweaters are absolutely gorgeous. The pictures are so nice.


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