Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Missing you guys...

Okay, so even if I can't post pictures, I've got to give some updates on how things are going.

I've finished the front of Garnet and cast on the first sleeve. I should have that one done today (advantage of short sleeve sweaters!). I'm going to have some yarn left over, so I'm thinking I just might make a little st. st. panel for behind the lace so I don't have to worry about a camisole for under it.

Obsession Spring Forward is still progressing well. I'm now a bit concerned about how much yarn I have. The draw back of doing the fronts and back seperately is figuring out how much more yarn I need. So I stopped working on the back and went back to the left front. I'll work the fronts to the same length at the back then decide if I have enough yarn to add a few more inches. I'm "okay" where I'm at, but I was sort of hoping for a little longer sweater.

Let me also say that this sweater is gorgeous. It's well documented on how much I love Janet Szabo's designs. She has a lovely touch with cables. I will honestly say that this is one of her most beautiful designs. That's saying a lot. When I look over my past finished projects, her designs stand out for pleasure in knitting and they get a lot of wear. So yes, I'm currently looking at yarn options for the Dancing Ribbon Aran. (hmmm, looking at the link to that issue, I'm reminded I've also got the Lasso Gansey sitting here waiting to go. That might need to be finished next...).

Too many projects, too little time (and why do I buy yarn for 10 projects in the time in takes to knit one... those figures don't really work out realistically, do they?)

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  1. I'd have to agree with you about Janet's patterns. I love her Aran designs, although I have yet to knit one of these (still can't get the gauge for the FLAK project). I'm looking forward to her book.


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