Sunday, February 12, 2006

Picture Day

Well, winter came early, took a break and now is back full force. Sorry the picture is so dark, but it's still snowing. I would say we're over 20" right now. The snow is much finer now, so I'm not sure how much more it's going to accumulate. It was a fun night. My first thunderstorm during a snow storm. Quite a bit of lightening and thunder last night and some nice gale winds.

This is our smart dog, Jake. Jake is smart enough to not go out in the snow.

Gena is a love, but maybe not as mature and experienced as Jake. The snow reaches past her belly (and she's the tall one).

So a warm stew is simmering on the stove. Matt's out trying to blow off the driveway and we'll snuggle in the rest of the day and work on projects.

My training got finished for the Olympics:

Overall, I'm pretty happy with them. They're a little hard to get on, as there's not a lot of stretch in them, but once on, they fit great.

So the decision on the Knitting Olympics was made. I'm going to do Sam the Ram. Sam is a high concentration project. You have to follow both a chart and specific row by row directions. It took me about 18 tries to get the neck set up properly (part of the problem is that I lost my center marker when I frogged back after my first attemp and poor Sam's head wasn't centered.
I'm just about to start his "spine". If I finish him before the Olympics is over, I'll try to finish a pair of lace socks (I did cast one on), but right now I'm switching between Sam and Obsession Spring Forward.

Speaking of such... I've started a Yahoo Groups for the Spring Foward KAL. The tagboard only works well with smallish groups and I think that most people are more comfortable with an email KAL. If you're thinking of knitting this most beautiful sweater, be sure to join us!

Well, back to Sam and women's hockey.


  1. You and Joan had really neat snow pics! Sam The RAM! So Cool! That seems like the perfect project for the Olympics. Thanks for setting up the Spring Forward KAL. Now I just have to decide on a color :-)

  2. Now that's a ton of snow!!! send some our way!
    Spring Forward KAL ... I'm there girl!
    Hugs hugs hugs!


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