Friday, February 10, 2006

Decision on my Knitting Olympics

I guess I need to settle into a project today, huh? I still can't quite decide what I want to work on. I might try to do both the lace sock and Sam the Ram. We'll see. I'll start the socks today and see if I can crank 'em out nice and fast then work on Sam.

However, I still need to finish my training socks. The second sock is almost done. The body of the sock is finished, just need to add the afterthought heel and weave in ends for both socks.

Since I took that picture, the toe has been grafted closed and I'm currently getting the heel on the needles. I should have them finished this morning.

Don't think I've abandoned Obsession Spring Forward. I finished up the first sleeve yesterday and picked up the stitches for the second.
I don't think I can stop working on this. Especially now that it's going to be "cheating" on my Olympic Knitting... makes it even more appealing.

Well, we're expecting a Nor'easter this weekend. We'll have a nice fire going, watch the Olympics and I'll get knitting! Between 8-12" of snow... winter decided to return with a bang...

Have a great weekend and best of luck to the Olympic Knitters!
Happy Knitting!


  1. Love the sock and Spring Forward!!! I hear ya on the cheating *lol* I knit on Spring Forward all day yesterday to get some time in before the Olympics today! Good Luck!!
    Hugs hugs hugs :)

  2. Cindy, nice job on the Spring Forward project.


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