Thursday, February 09, 2006

Obsession... by Janet Szabo

That's right, it's not a perfume, it's a sweater. I'm so completely obsessed with the Spring Forward that I didn't even bother blogging yesterday.

I'm almost done with the first sleeve.

As you can see, I'm not knitting the sleeves in the round. I really don't like knitting cables in the round. I like having the "wrong" side to knit the knits, purl the purls. It's like a row "off". I also don't mind seaming.

I'm also thinking I'm going to work the body in pieces as well. It's a psycological thing for me. Having the entire body on the needles seems to take sooo long that I don't feel any progress.

Tomorrow starts the Knitting Olympics and I'm still not done with my training (the Jaywalker socks). I could put the Spring Forward down and finish the second sock today. If I wanted to. I'm also thinking that the Spring Forward might become my Olympics knitting.

I'm mostly a process knitter. I enjoy starting things, but once I see what the pattern is going to look like, I lose interest and start something new. This sweater is so completely different (hence I'm on attempt #3). I WANT this sweater. I WANT this sweater RIGHT NOW!!! I want to wear it as soon as possible, so I obsessively knit on it.

So I'm off to knit on Obsession.


  1. Wow-- you're breaking records already. It looks great!

  2. Tomorrow? The Olympics start tomorrow?!!! I think Cassie's right -- the hardest challenge for some of us will be to stick to our chosen project for the duration... --Sylvia, sadly tucking the fleet of projects in a box for the next few weeks.

  3. AWESOME!!!! looks just great :)

  4. Can't talk... must knit Spring Forward....

    Thanks! I'm so happy that I've stuck with this sweater. It's been it!


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