Friday, February 03, 2006

More Spring Forward

So, let me ask, is anyone tired of the Spring Forward?
I'm not... and let's not forget this is the third time I've done this section!!!!

Anywho, that's the right front about halfway to the armhole depth. I did add a bit more on the back yesterday before I started the front. No more tight sleeves for me!

I am wondering about the high V neck. That's the pattern as written. My first attempt, I misread the directions and only increased on the right side, but the pattern is actually written to increase each side. I think I like the high V. It will allow me to wear it by itself as a sweater rather than just as a cardigan.

I was planning on doing the same thing with my FLAK and I probably still will, as that one will be a zippered front. Almost jacket like.

In other news, I'm still plugging along on the back of the Checkered Cardi. I even started weaving in some ends on the intarsia blocks. The Jaywalker second sock is slowly progressing. I should still get it done in time to start my Olympic Knitting.

The goal for the weekend? To have the fronts done on the Spring Forward and maybe get past the heel split on the Jaywalker? No problem!!!

Have a Good Weekend (and go Steelers!!!)


  1. *I'm* not tired of it - I think it's gorgeous. I may well have to do one for myself. Hmm, maybe with the fuchsia I bought but didn't use for the FLAK.... Do you think the Elann Peruvian Wool would work for it?

  2. Nope, I'm not tired of it either. I love cables!

  3. I'm certainly not tired of it!!! However, I do want it done :D

    Sarah: I'm thinking the Elann Peruvian Wool would work well. I'm planning on a wool version too and that's one of the yarns I'm considering (as well as Galway and Paton's Ballybrae).


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