Thursday, February 02, 2006

Spring Forward Update

I should be at the armhole depth on the back for the Spring Forward. However, since I measured it last night, and I'm notorious for "forcing" my measurements, I'll double check that this morning. I would rather they be a little deeper then not.

I also worked a bit on the Checkered Cardi
I do have some concern about the seed stitch border. I've never had good luck with this style of "ribbing". It always flips on me. Let's hope with the wool content in this, I can block it down.

I also finished Myst V: End of Ages yesterday. I'm very disappointed. First the game was surprisingly short. I mean, really short. Second, I found the puzzles very easy, but the implementation of them difficult. To the point that I had to check a walkthru to make sure I did have the proper solution. The storyline in the Myst game is always intriguing and I did enjoy the story and feel like they've "cleared" up the plot line.

There are so few games that combine good story with good game play. Myst has been one of those over the years (as has any game by Tim Schafer... go buy Psychonauts. Clever, fun and and funny), but many of the best storyline games kinda suck in the gaming department (Oh sweet Legacy of Kain... how I love your soap opera, but slashing and hacking a bunch of vampire hunters gets annoying after about the 100th time).

So on to the next game. Probably back to the Star Wars: Republic Commando (this one was getting irritating. Walk into a room die, figure out what was killing me, kill it, then move forward 4 steps, die, figure out what is killing me, rinse and repeat). I also got Darkwatch for Christmas and that looks promising.

However, I'll probably spend the bulk of today with my knitting. I want to get my Spring Forward front started today.


  1. The mirrored rope cables do look nice. I think it's a nice mod.

  2. Every time I see your spring forward cardi I'm soooooo tempted to order the pattern and yarn and jump right in. I guess that means I know what my next project after FLAK will be... ;)

    I swear I'm going to finish FLAK first. (It might be a good idea to order the yarn for FLAK so I can start it then, no?)


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