Monday, February 06, 2006

All Spring Forward, All The Time

It's such a good thing I'm not tired of the Spring Forward, as didn't I have to frog back the right front. Somehow messed up the increases (I'm not used to increasing every row).

However, I did get the fronts finished and I'm ready to pick up the first sleeve.

My other goal for the weekend was to get past the heel for the Jaywalker sock and I was able to do that too. I should have the sock done this week. Probably take it with me tonight for Stitch n Bitch (or Spring Forward)

So Springy and I are spending a lot of time together. I'm in a good rhythm with it and I'm so looking forward to having it done. These weird warm weather days are so spring-like that it's keeping me focused.

Have a good Monday and Happy Knitting!!


  1. This one is the spring forward step back...spring forward step back... Way to stick with it! It is gorgeous, so at least you're going to have a fabulous sweater at the end. See you tonight!

  2. How pretty! Now I know why so many people are showing an interest in that pattern.

  3. Kate: Yep, this is the hardest I've worked on getting a pattern and yarn to get along. It'll be worth it in the end, as I'm loving knitting it and I do love the pattern so much

    twig: it's a beautiful pattern. The cables are just lovely and a lot of fun to knit!


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