Friday, February 17, 2006

Happy Friday!!

Okay, let me just say that we need to explain to spouses that this is The Knitting Olympics and grocercies are not on the schedule. I mean I have knitting to do:

Sleeves fini' and the back started (I decided not to do the body in one piece... that way it will feel "faster" to me)

As promised, once I finished the sleeves (well and after I started the back) I worked with Sam a bit:

Sam and I spent some time working out our problems, including a little change in where some of the cables crossed so that all the cables crossed on the same row. I'm far enough that I can work on 2 circs and eventually I should be able to just work with one (maybe, I sorta like the 2 circs process).

Oh, and the Vine Lace Socks have actually been moving pretty well:

Yesterday I literally watched hockey and knit all day. I took a lunch break, a bathroom break here and there and eventually went to Stitch n Bitch last night (and had a super fab time, as always). Grocercies??? What do you mean we need milk...

Today? um, well the women's hockey games are on... enough said. He knows where the grocery store is...


  1. Your Spring Forward makes me want to abandon my Olympic knitting and FLAK! My husband has been very supportive of the Olympic knitting quest (our family's only hope for Olympic gold, he says). But he did make plans with friends to go out to eat Saturday night. Is he crazy?! Doesn't he know that is prime knitting time? Maybe I can knit under the table and no one will notice. ;o)

  2. Cindy, Very nice job on the Spring Forward Cardigan. It's a real beauty! When I catch up on my FLAK front I'm starting my Spring Forward Cardigan.

  3. Like a lemming....I'm easily influenced. I just wanted to let you know that b/c of your blog, Sam the Ram arrived on Friday and I now am a proud subscriber to Twists and Turns AND got the back issue w/ the Spring Forward Cardi!!! *ACK*


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