Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aspinwall Revisited

After much procrastination, I finally got the zipper installed in Matt's Aspinwall Revisited. I did a quick steam block and it's officially done. This was sooooo worth doing again (and sorta again).

Fair isle is not my favorite knitting technique, however Matt loves it. This project was a good choice for both of us and the reason why I knit it a second time. The first was knit on a deadline, and I misread the directions for the ribbing. While I think the first does look fine and Matt does wear it often, I really liked the original pattern and wanted to try again. New colors, a favorite yarn and a lot of frogging (I tried to compensate for issues with the first by knitting it flat. That didn't work out, so the bottom ribbing was done twice on this one).

Let's do some project stats!!!
Pattern: Aspinwall Pullover by Susan Dittrick. Published in Interweave Knits, Winter 2009 (also available for download)  

Yarn: Elann Peruvian Highland Donegal  

Problems with the pattern: there is a minor correction on body length, but when followed correctly, there are no problems with the pattern  

Changes to the pattern: other than color selections, none.  

Overall impressions: this turned out exactly as I wanted. The single ply tweedy yarn was delightful to knit (yes, yes, it's gonna pill. don't care) and I love the color combo. It's very Matt. I am glad that I not only decided to knit this sweater again, but that I also decided to fix the ribbing so that it looks right.  

Since it's frickin' hot and muggy today, I obviously didn't want to make Matt model it for me. We'll do a fashion shoot one of these days (why did I knit so many wool and alpaca type projects in middle of a hot and muggy summer????)

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