Friday, July 22, 2011

FO: Hey Addiction

(aka: Hey KAL). My 4th Hey Teach is basically done. The buttons I had originally planned are too heavy, so it is still buttonless.

Not a great photo of the front. Will update once I get buttons.

Project stats:

Pattern: Hey Teach (4th time knitting this pattern!)

Yarn: Classic Elite in Classic Silk (Yummy!)

Problems with the pattern: I made the 46", and as I've noted before, there are no seam stitches in the lace section. I increased two stitches on the last row of ribbing so I wasn't decreasing on the selvege.

Changes to the pattern: I obviously made some modifications:

  • Added 2" to the skirt

  • Added 2" to the lace section before sleeve shaping

  • Made the neck not as deep (okay, this was an accident, but I like it)

  • Did all ribbings on size 6 needles rather than the 8's

  • Went down to a size 7 needle for the last two lace pattern repeats to make the shoulders a little more narrow

  • Made 7/8 sleeves (the sleeves hit me about 2" above my wrist)

Overall impressions: LOVE! The yarn is wonderful. Soft and lightweight, yet not terribly hard to knit with. Has a great drape and the color is just what I wanted (which is ironic, as this was not the color I ordered... one of those kismet accidents!). I really like the way this cardigan knits up (obviously: I don't think I've knit anything 4 times). This project is just what I wanted: a light airy cardigan for over air conditioned restaurants. It can be dressed up or down. A true wardrobe staple.

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  1. I am so glad you continue to knit and post. I love seeing all you are doing. Please keep it up.


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