Thursday, December 02, 2010

No Earflaps Today!

Here's my latest procrastination project:

It's not blocked yet, and I just did a quick photo (which does NOT do it justice, to say the least). However, I LOVE it! Shall we do some project stats?

Pattern: Mondo Cable Pulli by Chic Knits

Yarn: Brooks Farm Riato

Problems with the pattern: it's a Chic Knits, so no.

Changes to the pattern: I did a little tweeking. I lenthened the body so it hits me mid-hip rather than at the waist, meaning I added an extra cable cross. I did a 2X2 ribbing (except over the cable, where I did a 4X2). I also changed the neckband so my grafting is on the center back (my grafting skills are better suited to the back).

Overall impressions: I LOVE it. The yarn is scrumptious (wool/mohair/silk) with the perfect amount of halo. The color variation is subtle and interesting. The pattern was just what I wanted (perfect to balance the high concentration of the fair isle chullo). Yes, I have 2 more Mondo pulli's planned! Like the Ribby, this will be a staple pattern where a different yarn will give me a very different sweater.

I'm very tempted to cast on an other one right now (thus avoiding a second earflap)

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  1. pretty sweater!

    I can do you one better on the polar chullo....I ended up going through my WIPs and frogging my chullo. I just wasn't happy with how I did the ear flaps and have decided when I re-knit I'll do them as discussed earlier (like toe-up socks) so the inside doesn't show.


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