Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Adore Adara

Seems I have a bit of an obsessive personality (yes I am still playing Dragon Age). Not only on games, but on yarn and or patterns. I like to think of it as a "variation on a theme" rather than true obsession.

Elann has this lovely marled cotton/linen aran weight yarn called Adara. I love this yarn. I've used it twice and bought a whole bunch last year when they had full bag sales. I now own every color except one. I even bought 2 more bags of Waterfall (which is what I used for my favorite Sitcom Chic. Love that sweater!)

So when my friend Julie started a Radiate, I figured that the Adara would be perfect. It is! However, I started it in Teaberry. I only had 10 skeins of the Teaberry (full bag sale, remember). On top of that while I know I had bought 10 skeins, I only had 7 in it's bag. Hmmmm. So I stopped working on it (and I sent a PM to a member of Ravelry that had 5 skeins of it in the same dye lot. Sadly, she never got back to me). I eventually located all 10 skeins, but in the meantime I cast it on again:

In green! That's the Fern colorway and I love it! I really like the way the slip stitch pattern works with the marled yarn and it's perfect cut scene knitting. I'm already thinking of other yarns I want to try this pattern with (we'll see how it actually looks on me before I start a third. Promise.).

The irony is that it looks like I'm only going to need 10 skeins. So I may end up with two of these sweaters in Adara. One in Teaberry and one in Fern. Yay for minor obsession issues!

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