Thursday, January 28, 2010

You too can knit A $20 sweater for only $40 and 3 weeks

Matt's Eddie Bauer Knockoff Sweater is done... and we are both thrilled.

I love the Ribby patterns from ChicKnits, and this worked beautifully for this. Let's do some project stats!

Pattern: Ribby Pulli by chicknits

Yarn: Elann's Highland Wool

Problems with the pattern: I like Chicknits patterns (just remember that the sleeves are loooooong. Even for Matt I had to shortend the sleeves almost 2")

Changes to the pattern: okay... this pattern is written for women, so there were some basic changes, plus I converted it to a half zip. I lengthened the body (the original pattern is almost cropped) about 4". I made the 41" for the body, but I used the directions for the 43" sleeve. I also did the increases for the sleeve at a faster ratio so that all the increases were done at about the elbow (every 6th round). I shortened the sleeves about 2".

For the half zip I wrote out the directions for the yoke line by line, then worked backwords from the neckline shaping to know when to split for the zipper. (oh ya... that little thing called "row gauge CAN come in handy). I followed the directions for the funnel neck, but did a 2X2 rib for 6", for a sewn down doubled neckband.

Overall impressions: Love it! The colors were a great choice (thanks Eddie Bauer!) and Matt loves the Highland Wool. The fit is flattering on him (thanks to those side ribs) and we both are giving this a thumbs up! I still want to throw this on the wooley board to block the sleeves a little flatter, but it's good as is and roomier sleeves aren't necessary.


  1. It looks fabulous!!

  2. I've been waiting for this one to be done! I love it!

    Your title tells the story.

  3. Teresa in Virginia10:29 PM

    This sweater is just gorgeous! You did an excellent job with your stitching, planning and alternations..well done!


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