Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goal Met!

The Dymphna Pullover is finished! 11 and half hours to spare (okay, it's not blocked, but I'm not counting that)! So that's 24 completed projects in 2009. Whew and I'm glad that's over. While it was a fun challenge, I won't be doing a volume goal again! However, it does look like I ended on a success.

Project Stats:

Pattern: a heavily modified version of the Dymphna V-neck Pullover from Cable Confidence by Sarah Louise Harper.

Yarn: Cascade 220 in blue velvet (love it!)

Problems with the pattern: none... but I didn't really follow the pattern, just the pattern stitches.

Changes to the pattern: well... a lot. I changed this to a semi-seamless top down. I decided on a mock turtleneck. I added cabled saddles. I did a different ribbing, continuing the cables into the ribbing. It's custom sized.

Overall impression: I'm thrilled. I have to admit, I haven't actually tried it on, but I'm waiting until it's blocked. The slipped stiches and the center box stitch really need to be blocked for proper sizing, and I don't want to be upset if it doesn't fit pre-blocking. I'll wait for it to not fit AFTER blocking (fingers crossed, I haven't gained too much weight). I love the colors and the pattern stitches. I loved the combo of the box stitch with the cables, and it was a super easy pattern to knit. This is my style of sweater 100%! Huge thumbs up!

Okay, that means I'm officially done with 2009... bring on 2010, baby!


  1. Woo hoo!! Another beautiful sweater. Looks like fun to knit, too! I am wrestling (literally) with my new dress form today. Hope to see you Sunday!

  2. Teresa7:55 PM

    Wow! This sweater is FAN-TASTIC! I just love the color and the combination of pattern stitches. Congratulations on your completed project.


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