Friday, November 27, 2009

Bulky Asymetrical Cardi

This cardigan has been a blessing. Mindless stockinette with some seed stitch... and at a bulky gauge. Just what I needed right now. So much so that I was able to get both sleeves and the neckband done yesterday (and yes, I even made Matt and me a traditional Thanksgiving dinner). Let's do some project stats, eh?

Project Stats:

Pattern: Knitting Pure & Simple Bulky Asymetrical Cardi

Yarn: Knitpick's City Tweed HW in Blue Blood (uh, yum)

Problems with the pattern: none that I can remember. I like the KP&S patterns. They are pretty basic and straight forward. I also like that the waist shaping is done by measurement rather than row count (so I can apply it to other patterns... heehee). If I were to do it over, I would make smaller buttonholes.

Changes to the pattern: none. As written, with the excpetion that I used a heavy aran weight yarn rather than a bulky weight yarn. So my fabric is very drapey and loose (which is what I wanted). The yarn is a wool/alpaca blend (did I mention yum?) and it bloomed so beautifully when it blocked.

Overall impressions: well, it is still blocking, but pre-blocking fit seemed to be good. I love the yarn and the off center closing. I wanted a comfy, light, yet warm cardigan for around the house that looked good enough to pop out to the grocery store. I think it's a winner.

I also want to thank everyone for their kind words on the passing of Jake. Jake was such a wonderful companion. We're still adjusting to daily life without him and we know that it will take awhile.

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  1. Nice looking sweater. I like the color, too... but it's not green!


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