Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cotton Sampler Pullover (with updates)

Now with updated photos!

Matt's Cotton Sampler Pullover is finished... but needs some more blocking. The cotton and ribbing do not want to play well with each other. I'm going to try one more technique (and dust off the ol' wooly board) so that the 4X4 ribbing sleeves don't pull in... or that 2X2 ribbing at the waist. I also need to "shrink" up the neckband a bit.

Let's do some project stats? eh?

Pattern: Textured Pullover by Cathy Payson (Nashua booklet County Fair)

Yarn: Knitpicks Organic Cotton Worsted

Problems with the pattern: the pattern stitch for the broken rib is incorrect and the pattern stitches are not "centered".

Changes to the pattern: tried to center the pattern stitches (which worked well on all except the top most section). Made the neck opening much smaller and used a 1X1 fold over hemmed neckband.

Overall impressions: well, this is not my favorite sampler pullover pattern. The ribbing is a real hassel to block so that it doesn't suck in (the original pattern also used a 100% cotton). There's a certain laziness about how the pattern is written (not centering the pattern stitches) that didn't thrill me. The yarn is wonderful, even if it does shrink up (it shrunk in just a cold water bath, then laid flat to dry). I wish I could knit something for me in it.

Right now, it doesn't look that great on Matt... mainly because the sleeves are sucking in, so the shoulders look a little funky. Hopefully I can block it so that ribbing lays flat. I'll add a modeled photo as soon as I get it properly blocked.
UPDATE: wooly board blocked, much better (but it did break my wooly board). Modeled photo:

Need to get one more project done before the end of the month.... hmmm, but what???

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