Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Half-ghan

Matt loves this new shawl. I bought this yarn for him actually (to make him gloves, but it was too "hairy"). It's light and airy, yet adds that little extra warmth that is needed on cooler days. He's decided to call it a "half-ghan", as a shawl sounds girly...

I can't quite capture the look of this half-ghan. The yarn just doesn't photograph well.

The "pattern" is quite nice to do, and using such big needles made this a quick knit. I will absolutely do this again with different yarn (and hopefully more yarn... as I would love it to be about an other 6" deeper).

Guess I should give some project stats, eh?

Pattern: Textured Shawl Recipe (ravelry link). Not really a pattern, but just notes and the textured stitch pattern.

Yarn: Fibre Company's Buck (70% alpaca/ 30% wool, aran weight). Bought at MDS&W in the "ends" basket.

Changes to the pattern: well, can't really say I changed anything, as there really isn't a true pattern. I will say that instead of counting rows, I went by inches (each section is 4").

Overall Impressions: a lovely simple concept for a shawl with a fun textured pattern. While I don't wear shawls (don't feel sophisticated enough to to be stylin' in wraps like this... not my style), I find that they are nice to toss on around the house. I think this will actually get some wear.

It's a shame that I don't particularly like wearing shawls or scarves (or hand knit socks for that matter), as I like knitting them (well not socks for that matter). The lack of finishing... the sizing of using as much yarn as you have... plus that whole gauge flexibility thing makes them a delight to knit. However, let's face it, when it come to what I actually wear, we can assume that I'll grab a cardigan first (and most likely a green one at that!).

So that means I'm back to work on Melinda... a lovely crochet cardigan!

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  1. Hey Cindy! What size needles did you use for this? It might be the perfect project for me right now... it looks great!


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