Friday, May 29, 2009

One more finished in May...

Did a quick baby blanket for some friends expecting their first baby. I have to say that I would make this one bigger for me (I love the colors!).

Let's do some project stats, eh?

Pattern: just a simple crochet square. I alternated the dc colors with sc white ending with a round of hdc followed by my favorite edging: reverse single crochet. Finished blanket is 48" x 48" (and just in case anyone is interested, I used a size J hook).

Yarn: Vanna's Choice Baby in Aqua, Mint, Bluebell and White.

Overall Impressions: Very happy with it. I personally love the colors, and think it's appropriate for either sex. While I usually prefer a lighter weight yarn for baby things, this is soft enough that I'm happy with it.

I will say baby things are one of the few things I make as gifts. I don't think most people appreciate hand made itmes (not all... but I don't risk it). However, handmade baby things seems traditional.

Whew, just sneaked that project in by the end of the month, which keeps me on track for my goal of finishing 24 projects this year.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Another beautiful blanket. Again, how clever of you to put the sc in between the rows. Wow!

    Judi M.

  2. Love the blanket. And since I crochet - it's something I could make!! Will you share the pattern or tell me where I can find it. Thanks.

  3. Hi, I am new to crocheting. I was searching the internet for easy but beautiful crochet patterns to make a first baby blanket for my friends having their first baby. While searching I ran into your blanket. I love it. While as a beginner, it sounds doable, it looks so precious with all the colors. Is it possible for you to share the pattern please? Thanks you.

  4. I didn't really use a pattern for this afghan. It's basically just a really big square. I did the color rows as a dc and the white rounds in sc.


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