Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bee Balm

Took about 2 days for Bee Balm to dry. Finished it up today and I am so totally in love with it. The yarn is soooo soft. The pattern so very stylish.

Let's do some project stats ('cause I know you're going to run out and the get the yarn and pattern to make yourself one... right? heehee).

Pattern: Bee Balm by Fiona Ellis (pattern can be found in the Nashua Handknits booklet called "Style: Lace & Eyelets).

Yarn: NaturallyCaron.com's Spa in Ocean Spray (shocking color choice for me, eh?)

Problems with the pattern: none that I remember.

Changes to the pattern: only change is the buttonband. Instead of the knitted band I did one row of single crochet then a row of reverse single crochet

Overall impressions: YAY! Wow! YUMMY! The yarn is soooo soft and drapey (yes, it is very splitty, so just be sure to use dull pointed needles). The lace border is stunning and the overall design is beautiful. If I had seen this cardigan as a ready to wear, I would've purchased it. That's how much I love it.

Now the yarn does say machine wash and dry... but I'm not going to take the chance. I'm a little concerned about pilling, so this will be handled with extreme care.

One thing I wall add... I need to make something in a different color. I've used the same spool of thread to sew on my buttons for the last 3 projects...

Oh, and the button rocks too.

Now I just need to finish the baby blanket I'm working on (almost there... photos soon). Then I'll work on a non-green project. Maybe.


  1. Been watching you knit this... I love it and it looks good on you. Great color, too!

    What's next?

  2. Gorgeous sweater! Looks great on you too.

  3. Linda (aranknitwit)9:29 PM

    Your sweater looks lovely. great color, great pattern and a perfect fit.

  4. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I think you just need to buy more thread to sew on buttons. That color is great and looks good on you. Sweater is wonderful.


  5. Wow-o-wow! Yes, I do have pattern in hand, not sure I'll use stash but waiting to get to AC Moore to look for SPA! Just lovely.... :)

  6. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Love the sweater! I especially like the crochet edging.

    Judi M.


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