Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Will Knit For Yarn

Hey Theresa!
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ya, black doesn't really photo well, does it?

Got the buttons on Hey, Theresa today. I'm very happy with it (however, we'll see how it actually fits Theresa... I don't knit for anyone but me and Matt... so we'll see!). Want the project stats? Of course you do!

Pattern: Hey, Teach
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in black
Changes to the pattern: added 2" to the bottom section and a repeat on the bodice section and the sleeves. Added seam stitches.
Problems with the pattern: Second time I've knit this.. no problems.
Overall impressions: While I don't normally like to knit for other people, other knitters do not count (they understand the work and "handmadeness" of the item). Knitting this for Theresa was quite fun actually. She gave me 20 skeins of the Cotton Angora and I get to keep the left overs (took 11 skeins for those keeping track of that sorta thing). The yarn worked perfectly with the pattern and I love the black lace. So if this fits, it's definitely getting a thumbs up (btw: I threw the dog hair in at no charge).

Here's a detail of the buttons/lace (and thanks to Betty with the help of picking out the buttons. So if you don't like them Theresa, you can blame Betty... bwahahaha!)

Hey Theresa! detail
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Some quick other projects updates. My Tangled Yoke is on the long boring st. st. yoke. Matt's Kathmandu Gansey is still on the sleeves (and needs some tweaking). Some other projects "may" have been cast on... but I'm not sayin'... they just might be swatches.


  1. Hey Theresa turned out so nicely. I had a bit of a giggle about the free dog hair.

  2. I love it. :) Do you see how far behind I am on reading blogs? Sigh.


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