Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hey, Teach
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The final result. Let me say again how happy I am with this. I will make some minor modifications when I make my next one. Let's do some project stats:

Pattern: Hey, Teach by Helene Rush

Yarn: Plymouth Linen Isle

Changes to the pattern: I don't change much. I did use a smaller needle for the neck and button bands. I also know I didn't pick up as many stitches for the button bands (which is a good thing, as they would've been too loose for my taste). I also decided to "cast off" the back and front neck openings (actually just did a row of sl st crochet on those edges) as I was concerned they wouldn't have enough structure. I'll just cast them off for my next one. I was probably just a little under gauge, but again the yarn is a cotton/linen/rayon blend. It's already stretching as I've worn it.

Problems with the pattern: My only complaint was the lack of selvage stitches. I will add them next time. I didn't realize that they weren't included in the stitch count, and of course I didn't need them until I hit the lace section. Seaming and picking up stitches over a decrease stitch isn't fun (and yet she did have you work a selvage stitch when working sleeve shaping). This might not be an issue with every size, but I'll definitely just cast on 2 extra stitches next time.

Overall Impressions: Ya, this is getting a huge thumbs up. While the color isn't the most flattering on me, I certainly don't care. I love the fit, I love the drape. The knitting was a lot of fun. Easy, yet not boring. I will be making this again (at least once, as I'm making one for Theresa... I will knit for yarn!). This is a bit like the Sitcom Chic... a nice basic cardigan that's easy to work and easy to wear.

So that brings my total finished projects for the year to 16 (and that's not even including the reknit on the first Ribby). My goal for 20 this year is within reach... but I've got to crack down and finish some thing!!!!!


  1. I think the color looks very good on you and it turned out so well. You sure have finished a lot lately. Are you back to being a reclusive?!!

  2. Hey, I like it too!

  3. I like the color it is a nice neutral. The finished project is just lovely!


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