Saturday, June 14, 2008


I finally made it to Joann's today and did a little button shopping. Here's the result:

Matt's Sampler Cardigan in Cascade 220
click to enlarge

There's the usual "disregard the color" notation on this... I simply can't get my camera to get it (my camera thinks it's green... when in fact it's very yellow ochre-ish). I also can't verify how it fits... Matt's out in the yard chipping, plus it's pretty frickin' hot and humid. However, right now I'm very pleased with how it looks.

I modified the pattern to have "afterthought" pockets, and they worked beautifully. I did make a lot of bone headed mistakes with this project, but I still loved working the pattern. I know I'll knit this pattern again (both the cardigan and the pullover version). Let's do the official stats so I can cross it off my "to finish list", eh?

Project Stats:

Sampler Cardigan by Sarah James (a must have staple pattern)

Yarn: Cascade 220

Changes to the pattern: I didn't repeat some of the stitches section, but made every section unique. I added afterthought pockets. Had to reverse the buttonholes for a man. I also picked up stitches for the sleeves and worked them top down (the pattern has you start at the cuff and sew them in... no reason to do that with a drop shoulder style, eh?)

Problems with the pattern: None. All problems were knitter related.

Overall Impressions: There's a reason I love this pattern. Moving from stitch pattern section to stitch pattern section is a lot of fun. I love the way the stitches look, it's a good basic sweater. I knit this at a tight gauge (I used Cascade 220 on size 6 needles giving me 22 sts to 4") and I love the density I got with the fabric. I was thrilled to find the perfect buttons:

Sampler Cardigan detail
click to enlarge

Plus, those pockets turned out just like I wanted them to. So we're giving this a huge thumbs up... even if it is too big for Matt. It'll be a nice "relaxed" sweater for him and I know he's going to use it a lot this winter.


  1. Those buttons match perfectly. My photo doesnt seem to look green at all. It looks great.

  2. excellent match on the buttons! hooray!

  3. Those buttons are perfect- it looks great!


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