Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finish One, Kill One

Ahhhh, love the feel of a finished project. Especially when I love the results:

Beryl in Cotton Ease
click to enlarge

Beryl is finished and I'm very pleased. I will be making this again, that's for sure. Let's do the project stats:

Pattern: Beryl by Chic Knits
Yarn: Cotton Ease in Cherry Red (discontinued color)
Problems with the pattern: Absolutely none
Changes to the pattern: Absolutely none (a true rarity)
Overall Impressions: Very happy with it so far. I am having a little issue with the bottom of the peplin wanting to curl up. I'm going to try a little blocking to see if I can fix it, but I'm not sure how much help that's going to be.

I also did something a little unusual for me: zero ease. I chose the 42" size, which is my full bust measurement. I had planned on doing some short row bust darts, but decided to give it a try without. While the fabric does stretch over my boobs, it causes the front to pull up compared to the back. I will tweek that a bit when I do my next one. (I'll shorten the body about 1" and definitely add the short row bust darts).

So this only took me two weeks to knit and I'm thrilled. I'm thinking of the Estelle Silk (the one that got lost in the mail) for a very dressy version. It's also making me consider an other Scoop du Jour. While I love my Scoop, I have two issues with it (poor button placement and my boobs issue). I think dropping down a size and adding short row bust darts would really help the fit.

As always, I finish something, and I get restless on what to work on... so I hit the WIP closets. I took the Sunrise Circle Jacket project out and started working on it. Then it dawned on me that I simply don't like it. I've tried it twice now, and looking at the finished ones on Ravelry, I just can't sell myself on this project. I love the Katmandu yarn so much, and I want to use it for something I really love. Maybe it's the yarn/pattern combo? One of these days, maybe I'll tackle the project again with a different yarn?


  1. It really looks great on you, Cindy! The color is perfect too! I hope they'll bring back some of those discontinued colors someday.

  2. Oh Cindy ~ you look great! I love the color!


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