Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let's Win One For The Zipper (or two)

My zipper order arrived yesterday, so I spent today sewing in zippers. I ordered the shorter length for my new Ribby and got it finished up today. I also stole Matt's Ike while he was out for his bike ride to switch out zippers (it's the only time he doesn't have it on).

I love my new Ribby! (oh and it's warmer than expected!!!). So let's do the project stats:

Ribby II
Ribby Cardi by Chicknits in Silk 'n Wool
click to enlarge

Project Stats:
Pattern: Ribby Cardi by Chicknits
Yarn: Moda Dea Silk 'n Wool in Plum and Pewter
Adjustments to the pattern: I widened the sleeves about an inch (added 4 stitches at cast on. Made no other adjustment, so there's also 4 extra stitches at the top of the sleeve. Worked out fine and a much better fit for my heavy upper arms).
Problems with the pattern: None. I also didn't get the gap this time across the back, as I did with my first one. I think that may have been an issue where I didn't track my decreases well enough so that the back was a little longer than the sleeves. Then when I seamed, I adjusted, creating a little bit of a fold at the back.
Overall Impressions: I love this pattern. It's so pleasant to knit. Interesting enough to keep me interested, yet not complex that it requires a lot of attention. I love how it fits. The yarn was an absolute delight. It's wonderful to knit. It's mostly wool with just a little silk. I did a simple steam blocking and it worked beautifully. The colors are lovely, and really really hard to photograph.

I also have a new zipper for my first ribby, as it's fine for me. Even with the shrinking, it still fits me fine (tho' it's a little short for Matt). However, he's now got his Ike, which he doesn't take off:

So I took out the too heavy and wrong color zipper and replaced it this morning. So much better. He may now start sleeping in it...


  1. Nice ribby. I like the color choices.

  2. The Ribby Cardigan looks great. I love the other one too, and how great when the recipient wont take it off.


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