Monday, June 09, 2014

The Beauty of Grey

It's not a black and white world...and I'm digging the beauty of grey right now.

That's the pile of current WIP. Grey is the dominate feature on all of 'em. They might be wide in fiber choice: There's a 100% wool, a 100% acrylic, a 100% alpaca, a cotton/silk/wool blend and a cotton/acrylic blend (ya, when I say I'm equal opportunity yarn consumer... I ain't kidding).

Normally we can assume that these are for Matt. He's Mr. Neutrals and I lean towards the brights or... green (yes, I do loves me some greens!). However, these are evenly spread for each of us.

Grey is a lot like green tho'... there really are so many shades of grey that you can get so much variety.

Keep an eye out for more details: especially that seamless yoke/marled/striped one that is front and center. I'm in major love with that project right now.

(these projects also inspired me to put on Live's Mental Jewelry. My very favorite Live CD).

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