Thursday, October 03, 2013

No. 31

Ever have one of those projects that just sorta happened? It's like I tripped over a set of needles and voilà! a sweater!

The original intention was to use this yarn for a simple st. st. half zip pullover using the yarn Julie dyed (that turned into a fab hat instead). Matt and I decided that the neutral gray with the bright green to cream gradation was too stark for his taste.

Well, I already had this cast on, had several inches done... but I knew I wouldn't be able to knit just a gray st. st. sweater. Hmmm, I had some old Fisherman's Wool in stash (it's so old in fact that it has an Ames price sticker on it). So let's do some stripes!

Adding the stripes worked well, but I definitely should've woven in the ends as I went. That was a bit tedious at the end. It also took me three attempts to get a decent yoke (and there are still some areas I wish were a bit neat... the problem with st. st. sweaters: there's nothing to distract from sloppy stitches). I will also need to fix the bind off on the neckband, as it's not stretchy enough (that's an easy fix).

Wonder why I'm calling this sweater No. 31? Well, according to my Raverly log, this is the 31st sweater I have knit (finished) for Matt. Ya, and they will keep coming!

Project Stats:

Pattern: the much dreaded math based Seamless Hybrid with Shirt yoke.

Yarn: Fisherman's Wool in oatmeal and natural

Changes to the pattern: well, there's more a process than an actual pattern. Her percentage system does not work out for me at all. The sleeves would have been too narrow at the biceps and I had to extend the yoke or the armhole depth would not have been deep enough (I made a note this time: if I knit this again, I'll work those even rows before I start decreasing for the raglan shaping)

Problems with the pattern: ya, see above

Overall impressions: I wish I had done the saddle shoulder instead of the hybrid/shirt yoke system. I think the back sorta distracts from the stripes. I made the body a little too long for Matt's taste. I cast off the neck binding too tightly. However, the yarn was actually quite nice to knit with. The oatmeal is a great heathered color and it's soft enough for Matt's taste. (I will say that I knit this at 20 sts to 4" gauge. I can't imagine it knit per the label at 16 sts to 4") I think this is one he'll wear often.

Ya, let's look at some photos!

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  1. I think the sweater looks great with the addition of the cream stripes!


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