Monday, October 08, 2012

Perpendicular Join

Portland, with the hand Handbook of Aran Sweater Design (J. Szabo)
I have the first sleeve of Portland done to the saddles. As I said earlier, I left the front and back "live" so I could do a perpendicular join. While I don't hate seaming (actually, I sorta love the mattress stitch), I find perpendicular seams to be annoying. This is a handy way of doing saddles so I won't have to seam them.

Janet Szabo has several fabulous booklets that I highly recommend for not only making seaming easier, but not have to seam at all. The I Hate Finishing Sweaters Guide to Finishing Sweaters is a handy reference, as is the Handbook of Aran Sweater Design (this has been updated to Aran Sweater Design, both excellent books). Probably the most used reference books in my library.

Portland... just a few more inches on the saddle!

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