Friday, January 06, 2012

Fix It Friday

I'm hoping this becomes a regular schedule for me this year. I have lots of projects that need a little tweaking. Usually not a lot, and it's not like the projects aren't usable, but I know they would be better if I fixed the issues. Taking one day a week to work on fixes seems like a good way to chip away at them.

Today's issue is easy, fast... and needed. Matt's multidirectional scarf was too short for his taste:

He likes to wrap it around his neck (I usually do the pull thru loop method, which doesn't take as much scarf... plus I was pretty tired of short rowed garter stitch). Using two color stripes adds a little extra attention to the project, and I had to remember exactly how I handled the second triangles (I have to switch colors in middle of the scarf rather than on the edge).

So it's progressing quickly, now that I'm back to remembering what I did. It's a gorgeous scarf (black Cascade 220 with some gray Silk 'n' Wool). After the frigid cold snap this week, it's best to get this one done!


  1. this is a nice scarf.

    how long does it take to work up? and is it hard to do?

  2. Fix it Friday is a brilliant idea. I should join in...


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