Monday, September 12, 2011

Semi-Knitting Content

One of the advantages of having a consistent taste in colors is that my stashes are fairly interchangeable.

After digging thru my fabric stash (now muchly reduced thanks to the reconstruction of my studio), I found this lovely purple/green fabric... which matches my Hey Addiction perfectly. I originally had planned on wearing this cardigan with my favorite black skirt, but it didn't look right.

So the skirt was cut out yesterday and apart from the waistband, it's done (it's a simple little bias cut skirt... easy as long as the bias doesn't stretch on ya... and I did stretch the lining a bit, but that's been fixed). I'm letting it hang overnight to make sure the bias is hanging properly and I'll get the waist done.

It feels good to be sewing again. After not much sewing over the last couple of years (aside for the tote bags... which I'll probably be making again soon, I'll post if I put any more on Etsy), I jumped back into sewing with a bang:

Yep, we have friends getting married in October, and I shortened the wedding dress. Apart from a good steam, the dress is ready to go (and I do believe the bride is very ready as well!).

Some other knitting has been done, but it's all just more of what I've been working on. I'll try to keep better updates, as nothing says fall like knitting sweaters!

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  1. And nobody knits them better than you!


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