Monday, August 08, 2011

Stitched Slapped (again!)

I've been plugging away on my second attempt at the Aspinwall Pullover. I had already been at this point before on this version, and I decided to rip back. Always a hard decision, but I really wanted to be happy with it, not just have it done (and be constantly annoyed at how I screwed it up. Again).

When I first made this sweater for Matt, I obviously screwed up the stitch pattern, causing the half brioche stitch to bias. Which is why there's only about 3" of the half brioche stitch.

I just tried to get an updated photo, but the dark navy and the light fair isle section has been challenging for my limited photography/Photoshop skills:

(I refused to ask Matt to model it for me. It's August and while he is always a good sport about modeling for me, even I recognize that it's frickin' hot).

Anyway, back to the current version. I already had this project past the fair isle band (having worked the half brioche stitch flat). The problem? row gauge. My seam stitches were at such a different gauge from the half brioche that I had super ugly seams. Not good. Ripped the whole thing back and worked it in the round. Which took forever! Even working the stitch correctly, 40 rows to 4" gauge is a wee bit time consuming! Good thing I didn't have to lengthen it!

I am glad I ripped it back and I do think this version is going to be nicer than his first (which is saying a lot: it's in heavy rotation in his wardrobe).

I'm hopeful that this will move much more quickly now. I already have one sleeve done (the non biasing on the cuff was the reason I decided to frog) and the rest is st. st. in a much more friendly 28 rows to 4" gauge!

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