Sunday, June 05, 2011

Simply Simple

Sometimes simple st. st. is all ya wanna knit. I've been working here and there on this project when I just want to pick up a project and knit without having to do a lot of counting or chart reading.

The pattern is Corduroy by Lisa Lloyd (why, yes that is from her book: A Fine Fleece, and yes I do intend to knit all the sweaters from it). The yarn is Knitpicks' City Tweed DK, color is called Enchanted. Lovely yarn. I'm sure it's gonna pill like crazy (wool/alpaca/donegal tweed), but the drape, softness and color makes me not care at all.

All that is left are the sleeves, which are picked up and knit in the round top down. Should be a breeze... but it will require counting. Oh, and it's now summer, and a wool/alpaca sweater in my lap can be.... challenging, depending on the weather. Good thing I have a Hey Teach on the needles in Classic Elite's Classic Silk (my new favoritest yarn!). Photos coming soon!


  1. Nice color, it looks so comfy... you've made me want to start a blog...

  2. This looks pretty good without sleeves; I like it!

  3. I've been trying to look up on YouTube how to knit a sweater. I've come upon a few, but sometimes I get irritated when people start to talk and they don't just go ahead and shut up and show you how to knit.

    That's just a pet peeve of mine.

    But I will behave and get the patience one day, to look at a video and watch from beginning to end on how to knit a sweater.

    The part where you are supposed to connect the sleeves is what baffles me.


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