Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hey Addiction!

Yep, that's my 4th Hey Teach. I love this pattern, and I blame my friend Julie. When she mentioned that she planned on knitting it, I was already playing around with an other one in my head (I was wearing my Hey Cara Mia at the time... and while I love the long sleeves, it was really warm. Decided that an other "cooler" one would be handy).

My first one is fab, but it's a wee bit short and not the best color for me (still wear it a lot). The second was knit for my friend Theresa. The third (the Hey Cara Mia) is the one I wear the most, and I wanted to carry over the mods from that.

So just like the previous versions, it's a fast knit. I joined the left front onto the back and did a quick body check. The ribbing is a bit high for my full bust, so I'm going to frog down to the armhole shaping and add an other repeat (or maybe just a half repeat).

The yarn is Classic Elite's Classic Silk. In Cobalt. I had ordered Blue Yonder and they sent this by mistake. One of those happy accidents, as I loooooove the color. It's more of a periwinkle than a cobalt (I now do own the Blue Yonder for an other project, and it's much more "teal" blue. Lovely too, but the cobalt is more of the color I had in mind for this project).

Of course my intentions were to make it like the Hey Cara Mia with longish sleeves and a longer skirt. However: I suck at math. Big time, as I didn't order enough yarn. I don't think I have enough yarn to do the long sleeves, especially with the lengthened body.

So more frogging. Sigh. I'm tired of ripping back! Granted the lace section goes really fast and I loooove knitting with this yarn (not kidding... I'm addicted to this yarn!). At least it's a good project for this hot weather (the wool alpaca sweater: not so much).

Meanwhile... I'm already thinking a 5th Hey Teach might be in the plans (I have some Tatamy Tweed Worsted in Cherry in stash!)

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