Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Let's Go Frogging!

No photos today, but wanted to do a quick catch up of what's happening here at Knitting Park.

First, let's say that I am not enjoying this winter. I'm fortunate that I don't have to go anywhere in bad weather (and Matt works from home most days, so I don't even have to stress about him traveling in it), but I'm tired of cold wintery weather.

I'll also say that this has been a bad year for knitting projects. Part of this is a new philosophy. Back in 2009, I did a "finish 24 projects" goal... and while I made the goal, it wasn't, in fact, very productive. A lot of the projects that I finished have serious issues with them. In my rush to get things done, I let things go that I shouldn't have.

This has completely changed my perspective on problems now. I used to debate pretty heavily if something was worth frogging and fixing. Now I simply will not go forward until the problem has been fixed. So I have three projects I'm working on, and I'm in the middle of fixing all three of them.

The biggie is Matt's Aspinwall Revisted (see previous post). I'm on the second sleeve, but I've realized that I need to frog the body and re do it. I had changed the construction to work the half brioche stitch flat, but after working the sleeves, I realized that I must've done the first version incorrectly, as there is no biasing and the stitch was easy to work on the sleeve. I do not like how the body seamed up. It bothers me enough that I think it's going to be worth frogging and re-doing it (as I seriously doubt I'll be making this sweater a third time, even as lovely as it is).

I also have a simple st. st. sweater on the needles, and my stitch count is off. I must've not done the armhole shaping correctly (this is my breakfast knitting, so counting pre-coffee is not really the best idea). Plus I have a crochet pullover I've been working on... with lots and lots of ripping (but that seems to be how I crochet: trial and error).

So I'm still plugging along. Slowly. However, this new philosphy of focusing on getting it right rather than just getting it done will actually produce more usable projects. I hope.

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