Monday, November 15, 2010

Heading towards the polar cap

The Polar Chullo is progressing a little more smoothly. I think the second set of polar bears are a little less wonky than the first set. I'm on the next to last chart for the body of the hat (then I'll have to tackle those earflaps: but now I have a strategy!).

While this is not my first fair isle project, those polar bears are the longest floats I've had to deal with. I tried the weaving process and had way too much bleed thru, so I ended up doing them the traditional way. I really do need more practice, and maybe I should even read one of my technique books (oh ya... those knitting books aren't just for the pretty pictures. Who knew?).

So fair isle is football friendly, but not movie (or video game cutscene) friendly. It's the chart reading/counting that will be my continual challenge with fair isle. I even avoid cable projects that I have to follow a chart row by row.

I have decided to restart Matt's Salt Lake City again (all that black st. st! now that's good cutscene knitting!). I also have to remember that I'll be making the smallest size this time, so it'll go faster. Right???

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