Friday, November 26, 2010

The Ego Buster!

First let me say: earflaps in fair isle suck. Oh wait, I think I've already said that. I'm still on the first earflap. Considering how many times I started those suckers, it's nothing compaired to how many time I've had to pull back rows as I've knit them (it's almost a knit 3 rows, rip 2 process).

Let's face it: I'm fairly cocky when it comes to knitting. I skim directions, do my own thing... sheez, I barely even swatch (the ultimate in cocky). This project has kicked my butt. A true test of my skills, and I'm failing fairly well, thank you very much.

My stitches are very uneven, I've had to do a lot of ripping/tinking/restarting. While I think the pattern is quite lovely, my knitting skills have not done it justice. I will hold off final evaluation until after blocking (the knitter's best friend), but I will honestly say that the desire to do another fair isle chullo is non-existant.

Bring on a cabled project... and soon!

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