Monday, September 13, 2010

TBF (to be finished)

My pile of "almost finished" projects is getting larger, yet I'm casting on new projects rather than finishing them up:

Both of my crochet tote bags are getting very close (one needs the lining sewn in and the handles attached. The other needs some ends woven in, the handles to be crocheted and a lining).

The zipper has arrived for Matt's October Vest, but I need to steam the finishing before I sew it in.

My Sampler Pullover is halfway on the second sleeve.

Meanwhile, my laptop died over the weekend. Fortunately my IT department (aka: Matt) was able to retrieve my files. All those PDF patterns. Sadly I had just bought a flash drive to back them up, but hadn't gotten around to doing it yet. They're backed up now!).

I've commandeered Matt's laptop and decided I'm keeping it (not sure if he knows this or not...). I like it much better and it's much much quieter (the fan on the my laptop was LOUD, and I don't think it worked well, which is what we think killed it).

Saying that, none of my software has been installed on it yet, and that includes Photoshop. So no photos for the time being.

Not sure how long that "for the time being" is going to be. Halo: Reach is out tomorrow. Might be busy for a few days (we'll see... the Halo franchise has sort of moved away from the single player campaign to concentrate on it's multiplayer, which I don't play. I'm a lone wolf gamer).

Meanwhile today I'll see if I can at least weave in some ends on the Sunny Shoulder Bag!

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