Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Instant Gratification

Special Olympics Scarf
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I've had the yarn to make a scarf for the Special Olympics for a while now, and I've been browsing thru my stitch dictionaries looking for a fun 2 color pattern. Yesterday, while in post project completion restlessness, I decided I just needed to get started.

I'm using the super fab Multidirectional Scarf pattern, alternating colors every other row (when changing short row directions on the left side, I work the second color in the back, weaving as I go. Seems to be working well, and I'm very happy with how the colors work together... and it's going very quickly. I should have it done today (after I go stand in line to vote... or maybe while I stand in line to vote).

As a matter of fact... I'm off to vote now.

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