Thursday, January 03, 2008

He Likes Ike

So Matt hasn't taken Ike off (except to ride the trainer last night... and yes Larry, I do think he knows how lucky he is as he mentioned how much he loves the sweater at least 8 times yesterday). He then informed me that I should get more of the yarn. No, really, he did. Well, you don't have to tell me twice. I ordered some gray and promised him a sweater in it by the end of the year.

Seems the yarn is perfect. It's not bulky, yet warm. It's soft (which is very importatnt to him) and he absolutely loves it. So, yay! Oh, and I'm not mentioning what the yarn is, as it's getting hard to find. You'll have to go thru my archives... heehee.

Speaking of sweaters for Matt... Patrick is moving along. I do find the mulespun yarn a little harder to cable than a worsterd spun. It has a little less flexibility. However, it's worth it. The sweater is looking good and he's excited about that.

I'm at the point right now that I prefer to knit Matt sweaters. He's smaller than me (I usually shoot for a 40" finished size for his projects) and since he's 5'5", they really don't take me that long to knit. Seems that I'm struggling a bit with fitting things for myself right now, so I feel better about projects for him.

I did start an easy mindless project over the weekend. A top down raglan sweater in Beatrice. Perfect for the end of the day knitting after working on Patrick all day.

I'm also still working on Roam, but I'm getting more color pooling than I'm happy with. There's one band when I decreased and I'm getting it again at the same stitch count on the increasing. I've tried working a second skein in, and it's still pooling. I'm going to either have to frog it back and fix it somehow or live with it as part of the nature of the yarn. Might take a little break from it to think about it.

Okay, I'm off to hunt down my Taste of Aran Afghan pattern. I've got class on Saturday and during the Christmas decorations and the construction, the pattern has been misplaced (ya, it's not with the knitting).

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  1. What a wonderful husband! Mine has taken to telling me that I have too much yarn ... as that is even a possibility!
    It's so nice to have your knitted gifts appreciated.


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