Monday, October 29, 2007

When All You Can Do Is Knit...

you can get a lot done.

I have no energy (doing laundry yesterday exhausted me. hrumph), so I've been knitting... and surfing the 'net (ya, yarn for 5 more projects was purchased. There's that unbalanced ratio).

However, that means progress.

ya, not a good photo

Mermaid is progressing fairly quickly. It's good baseball watching, so now that the season is over, we'll see how much it slows down.

Cindy Must Knit This Cardigan
click to enlarge

The Must Knit Cardigan got some love over the weekend and the left front is just a few rows of being done. The yarn (Black Water Abbey's Seafoam) is so beautiful. I know this is going to become a favorite sweater (if my upsizing works... fingers crossed).

Radiance Cabled Jacket
click to enlarge

The newest project. The pattern is from Webs and is to be done in their Colrain, but I did a little stash digging and decided to try it with TLC's Cotton Plus, and I'm really happy with it. I'm knitting it much tighter than the yarn suggests (but don't I normally). I will say that I was concerned with the lack of waist shaping. Both the designer's version in Ravelry and the crappy picture on the pattern (why is the model standing with her arms crossed over the front. Ooooh, how that annoys me) shows a very fitted looking jacket. However, the pattern has no shaping at all. So I asked the designer, and she reassured me that the cables cause it to do the shaping. Fingers crossed it will fit my 3-hour glass figure in a flattering way (rather than too tight over my large bust and butt and loose around the waist).

I did work on two other smaller projects as well. A crochet tote bag (but I'm running out of yarn... so some more was ordered. plus a little extra for something else) and a hat for Matt.

So the cold is finishing up. Not much of a cough anymore and my voice is almost back to normal. Now I'm just dealing with the extreme fatigue. Probably some more knitting will get done.

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  1. The WIPS are looking good. I ordered the Radiance pattern too (along with several other Webs patterns) despite the fact that there is no sort of closure on the jacket.


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