Thursday, September 06, 2007

Procrastinating Leads to Production

Nothing like procrastinating on things I NEED to be doing to get things that don't need to be done done.

I'm done with the first pocket of Matt's Sampler Cardigan, and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I'm sure I'm not the first to do a pocket this way, but I love when I think of something in theory, and it actually works in practice. Still need to do the other pocket yet.

I'm at the armholes on the Adara Chic, with the first sleeve cast on. This is great movie watching (Miss Potter last night).

I also spent half the day out shopping/lunch with my friend Betty yesterday. I made some more stitch markers for my Etsy shop.

I did not block the Lace Crochet Shawl. Nor did I tackle any house work (MIL arrives on Monday...). Nor did I work on the afghan square for Saturday's class. I'm actually not going to finish the August block, as I'm going to be teaching it again and there's some issues with the pattern, so I'll deal with it later. However, I do need to be ready for class and have the next block ready to show how to do the stitch.

Rosie: my first Braids Cardigan was given to my MIL the last time she visited. She borrowed it as she didn't have a sweater with her, and it's one I never wore. The photo of it got lost in one of my "site clean ups", so it's gone. Yes, there were some things I didn't like about the pattern. Mainly the way the buttonband was done. It's a square neckline, but they try to force it to a round neckline, and I didn't like the way it looked. So I kept it square, and I changed it to a neckband and a buttonband (doing them sepertately). I do have another one on the needles (the Summer Braids) in Tatamy Tweed:

Summer Braids
click to enlarge

It's actually longer than that, but I'm feeling lazy and didn't do a new photo this morning. It's an other "full body knit"... as that seems to be the style of the day... no side seams. It's another project that is nice to just pick up and knit, as it's a very straight forward pattern. Hmmm, I do need to work on that as well, don't I? Ah, too many projects, too many obligations...

Okay, must block shawl today!!!!!!

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  1. I've had the Summer Braids pattern and some nice yarn in my stash to knit it with for years, but when will I ever get to it?


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