Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Post Project Restlessness

Thanks to everyone that left comments about the Rambling Shadows. I'm actually wearing it this morning, as it's quite chilly.

Some specific comments to address:
Nicole, The Rambling Rows Jacket is one of those "staple" patterns that's simply handy to have in your collection. It's sized from infant up to a 51", and since it's mitered squares, it's easily adaptable to any size. It's great for kids sweaters since it's such a fast knit (and there's a lot you can do with the color blocks!).

Joan, don't even get me started on it! I've already been going thru my stash (mentally) for other yarns to make this pattern again! Mexicanna? Silk Garden? Odds and ends of leftover yarns? It could be addictive!

Thanks Kristen and Sarah! (oh and Kristen, that's just what Matt says about me!!!)

Debby, I am so in the fall knitting mode due to this cool spell (however, it's not going to last... 90's again this weekend). I'm sorry to hear about Chris's flat! Nothing worse with only 3 laps to go. I'm personally ready for the season to be over... I think we're down to about 3 more races to go (all in September). Matt raced about 24 times. I think we're both a little tired of it all!

Okay, so it's cold (I bet my friend Betty has her heat on) and damp and not very summer-like. It's very inspiring to us knitters. I love the fall... and specifically fall knitting! I'm still trying to finish a total of 15 projects this year (I'm up to 12), so I'm working on some nice fall cardigans. One for me, and one for Matt:

Sampler Cardigan for Matt
click to enlarge

The back for Matt's Sampler Cardigan is progressing nicely. I have to say that working with Cascade 220 is delightful. This pattern always knits up fairly quickly for me (the change of stitches keeps me interested) and with the fronts done, I don't expect it to take me long to finish it up.

However, that's balanced by this:
Sailors Ribs and Ropes
click to enlarge

The Sailors Ribs and Ropes by Janet Szabo. Sigh, I love the pattern. I love the yarn (and the color is simply gorgeous). However, I goofed. I followed the directions for knitting it in one piece to the armholes. I don't like long rows... I feel like I'm getting more done if I turn my work often. I know it's as long as it is broad from a knitting standpoint, and that I'm saving finishing time by not having that seam. I just feel like one row takes forever!

It's worth it, as I know that this will be one of those classic, never go out of style sweaters that will wear hard (I'm knitting it at a very tight gauge: Paton's Classic Wool on size 6 needles).

So that's some of the projects I'm working on right now. I'll try to get Matt's Sampler to the first pattern stitch change today and an other 4 rows on the Sailor's Ribs and Ropes. Unless I get distracted by something else...

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  1. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Where can you get the pattern for the Rambling Shadows sweater?



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