Friday, August 31, 2007


Not much to update... projects all look about the same, so I'm not bothering with photographs.

I didn't cast anything new on... well, okay, that's not completely true. I did start a cabled vest for Matt, but I don't like it with the yarn (too dark and the cables didn't pop enough), so it's not really a casting on... more like a swatch. Right?

Hmmm, not really much more to update. I am working on my sewing room... well, I at least took the first step. I got some garbage bags at the grocery store yesterday. Hey, one step at time!!!

Matt and I plan on having a nice relaxing holiday weekend. No races (yet... I never know, he might change his mind...) no classes. Maybe we'll actually get some things done around the house? (ya, ya, I know... the sewing room needs to be cleaned).

Have a good and safe weekend!!!

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