Friday, March 09, 2007

Team Mom?

This is what I'll be doing today:

That's the order from Voler for Matt's team racing kits. They need to be sorted, checked and bagged for each team member.

When they arrived yesterday (Matt actually went to work), I had to dig thru them to find his. Seems he's the only one on the team that wears a small. Now for the eye candy for the blog. So Matt modeled the skin suit for me (used only when doing a time trial... or just around the house for me... bwahahaha). Yes, his teammates call him "Wee Man".

Thanks for the feedback about my comments! I'll post responses on the next post!

Debby: you and Matt both can't wait for warmer weather! He's so tired of the trainer. He likes to ride in the heat. Even during the peak of summer, when he's riding in hot humid weather he's thankful that it's not cold!

Rosie: Oh, ya, you know I'll be wearing the Fall Back a lot. It's a very "me" sweater!

Asa: The pattern for the Fall Back Cardigan is explained in this post.

And thanks Kristen and Lauren for your feedback! and to everyone about the Fall Back Cardigan.

Now for the confession. I didn't work much on the Fall Back* Cardigan yesterday. I think I worked so much on it the day before that I needed a short break. So after sorting thru all those boxes, I'll get back to it. Still shooting for one repeat done today!

Have a great weekend!
Keep on Knittin'!

*reminder that the Fall Back Cardigan is actually The Spring Forward Cardigan, but in wool this time.


  1. Tomorrow is Chris' first training race. It's supposed to get "Up to" 50 degrees. He and our friends want to ride for fun on the rail trail after the race. I am not at all sure about this! As much as I want to get outside on the new bike, I'm just as happy in that trainer until *at least* 60 degrees.

    Is Matt going to do more time trialing? I think Chris would like to try that sometime.

    You are a great team mom to do all the sorting. Have a great weekend, and I hope you get a lot done on that cardigan!

  2. You definitely have to be in shape to get away with wearing the suit, and Matt is all that! Guess I ought to get on the trainer now...

  3. 1971bugWow! Matt looks great!


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