Monday, February 05, 2007

February Is For Finishing!

Warning: picture heavy content!

First up: the crochet beanie in action:
Ya, it's cold out. He's very happy with it so I'm thrilled! Hopefully he won't lose this one (heehee).

Since Matt now thinks he's a GQ model, let's take a look at the Because I Love You Sweater:
We decided that the neck is a little shorter than what he wants, so I'll add an other 1" or so later. Now for the GQ pose:
I think he just wanted to show the nice biker behind... heehee.

Here's the Crochet Shrug Cardigan (Crochet Hippy Cardigan?). I really wasn't sure how I was going to like this when I was working on it. Makes it hard to concentrate on finishing, but I got thru it:
I have to say that I'm actually really happy with it. Now I obviously won't be wearing it anytime soon (brrrr... single digits right now), but I think it's going to be nice in the spring!

So two finished projects over the weekend. I'm trying to see what else I can finish up this month. The Sitcom Chic is on the sleeves (I finally got size 8 dpns) and I'm working on a simple shrug. I also have an other cropped cardigan on the needles that's speeding along (it's in Bernat's Haven... a nice alpaca/cotton bulky yarn that I love... just wish the color palette wasn't so "pastelly"). Since it's bulky, it's moving along quickly. I'll try to have pictures tomorrow.

Today I'm snuggling into my knitting nest, do some laundry (will help heat up the room!) and try to stay warm!!! BRRRRRR!!!!

Keep On Knittin'!!


  1. Your amazing with what you get finished. Matt's sweater looks great and the crochet cardigan is adorable.

  2. I must confess, I checked out the bike first (and forwarded the photo to my husband, LOL). How does Matt like the 6-13?

    I agree with Nicole -- you're amazing with what you can finish over a weekend! The crochet shrug is so pretty and hopefully a good sign of spring! I bet you are glad to be done with Matt's sweater too...I know that one was a challenge for you.

  3. The cap, sweater, and crochet cardi all look great! Nothing like that satisying feeling of FOs, especially when you know they will be worn by someone who appreciates them. So Matt is riding in these single digits?! Good thing he has the beanie!

  4. Matt's sweater looks GREAT! Definitely worth the miles of ribbing. :-)

  5. Two fine lookin' FOs.


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