Monday, February 12, 2007

Bridges and Tunnels!

The Knit and Crochet Festival in Pittsburgh was a lot of fun. Of course my partner in crime was part of the reason.

Theresa and I left mid morning on Friday and arrived in Pittsburgh just as rush hour on Friday was beginning. Fun. (5 hours of driving... and actually it went quickly.)We did have some issues with the numbering of exits, but we eventually found the hotel.

Even tho' I'm a born and raised Pennsylvanian, I've never actually been to Pittsburgh. I went to college in Philadelphia, and now live in that area. However, I grew up in the middle of the state, where all the sports lean towards Pittsburgh. So while I live in Philly, my sports affiliations still lean towards Pittsburgh teams.

Anyway, Pittsburgh is a lovely city (we just drove thru it... the hotel was on the other side). But, holy wow, if you aren't on a bridge or in a tunnel, you're sitting waiting to get on a bridge or drive thru a tunnel.

So anyway... about the festival. It was super! I didn't even look at the class schedule, and I'm sorry about that. However, the vendors had some great stuff.

It was a nice small show... about 40 booths. A lot of independant farms with lots of handspun/hand dyed yarns. YUM! Since there weren't that many, you really had a chance to go thru each booth and enjoy the fibers. I got several books and patterns and some gorgeous yarns. Two of my favorite vendors were there: Shadyside Farms and Brooks Fiber Farm. I got Matt some lovely wool/alpaca wool from Shadyside and Matt and I spent some time yesterday picking a pattern for with it. (however, he wants me to finish his Natural Beauty Fair Isle first... hrumph).

However, to be honest... the main reason we wanted to go to the festival* was to meet Kathy Zimmerman. I love her designs (as any cable junkie is). She was teaching and her store had a booth there. Her workers were a complete delight and we got to oooh and awww over some of Kathy's designs they had in their booth.

I even got my picture taken with Kathy:
She was a delight to meet.

So it was a great little mini vacation. Perfect for this time of year. Just in time... before the snow hits this week.

*We didn't realize until we were talking to some of the ladies in Kathy's Kreations booth that the Knitting Guild Convention is actually in New Hampshire this year instead of Valley Forge... so we won't be going this year. So I'm even more pleased that we made the trip across state for this one! Our next fiber festival isn't until Maryland Sheep and Wool!

Okay, off to get some groceries then back to the knitting. I'll update project progress tomorrow (including a new crochet cardigan I'm designing for myself).

Keep on Knittin'!!!


  1. I envy you. Kathy is one of my favorite designers also. Sounds like a great time. I will check out the

  2. Nancy9:59 AM

    Funny, Kathy's shop is about 60 miles from me and the show is about 40 the other direction. No, I didn't go. I have been to Kathy's shop, met her, and I do get her monthly newsletter.

  3. Glad you had a good trip! Sounds like fun : )

  4. What a treat - Kathy is a fantastic designer. I might even drive 5 hours to take a class from her, and for a Rhode Islander who can traverse the state in just over an hour, that is saying a lot. If TKGA is in NH again this summer, I will probably go - Valley Forge was too far!

  5. What fun to meet Kathy! Glad you had such a good time despite the adventurous travel! (You should have seen this suburban girl try to navigate subways to Brooklyn for the FFF last week. I have NO sense of direction!). :)


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